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Core Team

Founders' Working History

SAGE-IP's cofounders have a history of productive and successful collaboration. Most notably they worked directly with the founders of Open Port Technology (funded at $49M) when the company reached outside its established development organization and brought them in to co-architect a clean-slate design for a next generation product. The resulting product was a carrier-class IP network telecommunications system scalable for worldwide real-time and store-and-forward delivery of numerous message types: fax, voice, video, e-mail, conferencing, wireless, and text messaging. They also previously created automated pour control systems for titanium and superalloy vacuum casting, and graphics intensive desktop software for Windows.

Since combining forces via SAGE-IP they have executed work for intelligent building control networks, conceived and created the VM-hosted (Virtual Machine) version of a client's network security product, designed and implemented a Web-based computer tracking and theft recovery system, and supported the development of an email encryption and identity confirmation product. They have also delivered on rapid development requirements for classified Department of Defense applications including GPS/INS avionics, as well as other projects subject to non-disclosure agreements.

SAGE-IP's cofounders have developed software and software-enabled technology products throughout their careers. Circumstances and ability combined to place both in technical management roles very early in their careers in a wide range of complex and demanding applications. They believe market-driven technical requirements, and a hands-on approach to keeping pace with evolving technologies are necessary for maximum effectiveness in software design and project management.

Sean M. Weist

CEO, Cofounder

Sean Weist has 20 years experience in technology businesses leading the design and delivery of software products and complex systems. He attended both Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology and Purdue University, earning a BSE degree in Interdisciplinary Engineering (Electrical / Mechanical). He received an MBA with Honors from the University of Notre Dame. He is also a licensed Professional Engineer.

Initially, Sean's focus was on industrial automation and other process critical applications. These included software for medical device testing, nuclear and coal power plants, plant lighting control and power distribution, data acquisition, barcode / RFID tracking, and precision HVAC controls. He made numerous advances in aerospace manufacturing process automation for aircraft jet engine and Space Shuttle Main Engine components.

These applications employed rich user interface design and computer graphics, elements that would later carry over into work on strategic planning, operations management, and other desktop and networked software. In addition to the work with Open Port described in the sidebar, he also designed wireless distributed software systems, including all server software modules and network protocol design.

A partial list of other applications includes software techniques for sensor linearization, wirelessly networked embedded microcontrollers, GPS tracking and mapping, and a working knowledge of several military technologies.

SAGE-IP Software Expertise

We have extensive design, engineering, and project management experience encompassing a wide range of software applications:

  • Linux/Unix server development, including VMware virtualization
  • Security; Internet, network and application-level
  • User interface and graphics-intensive applications on multiple platforms
  • Database integration
  • Windows drivers and components
  • Embedded systems and supporting PC software
  • API and protocol design, standards specifications

Jack A. Stucky

CTO, Cofounder

For more than 20 years, Jack Stucky has taken numerous performance critical products from requirements analysis to optimized solutions, working primarily within startups in roles ranging from Software Architect to VP of Engineering. He holds a BS degree in Computer Science with emphasis on Operating System and Language design, and a BS degree in Mathematics, both from Purdue University.

Jack's earlier work included high speed image processing of satellite imagery, leading a team in the development of several components of a commercially successful version of Unix, and creating the operating systems for parallel digital signal processing systems used by NASA JPL in their Deep Space Network.

In subsequent businesses, he created Windows accessibility technologies for disabled users, wrote a suite of Windows applications and device drivers for telephony-based voice messaging and fax services, and designed system management tools for large scale Linux clusters. He went on to develop a next generation cellular telephone infrastructure product based on an open source platform, and conducted interoperability testing with industry partners.

Jack worked with a company producing portable test and measurement instruments for the electrical power industry, directing the engineering team to create Windows PC software, embedded software, DSP firmware, printed circuit board and mechanical design, and ISO 9001 procedures. In another startup, he conducted market analysis, design and development for a network security service that provides vulnerability scanning, DNS hijack detection, and e-mail, website and DNS performance monitoring.