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Business Plan Submissions

We review new technologies and business plans that relate to our areas of interest on an ongoing basis. Submissions resulting from personally known referrals are more likely to get attention; however, we will accept unsolicited business plan submissions via email.


SAGE-IP draws on the talents of creative individuals with significantly above average knowledge and ability. We look for demonstrated technical depth, preferably across multiple computer science, technology, and engineering disciplines with a focus on reliability and end-user experience.

Although we typically rely on an established network of proven, experienced individuals we've worked with previously, submitted resumes are kept on file for consideration as our personnel requirements evolve.

We work with a select group of partners and clients and do not publish telephone numbers to prevent unwelcome solicitation. For new contacts please email so we can schedule a preliminary discussion and provide you with our direct telephone lines.

Purdue Research Park

SAGE-IP, founded since early 2006, was one of the first companies to occupy new offices in the Kurz Purdue Technology Center.

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Administrative Mailing Address

For general administrative and billing purposes please use:

SAGE Intellectual Property LLC
P.O. Box 269
Jamestown, IN  46147

Fax Number

We prefer to exchange documents in standard formats such as PDF. If necessary, fax may be sent to our Research Park location at fax number 765-463-3501.

Secure Email

Confidential information can be sent via encrypted email using our public PGP Key.