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Software Expertise

We have extensive design, engineering, and project management experience encompassing a wide range of software applications:

  • Linux/Unix server development, including VMware virtualization
  • Security; Internet, network and application-level
  • User interface and graphics-intensive applications on multiple platforms
  • Database integration
  • Windows drivers and components
  • Embedded systems and supporting PC software
  • API and protocol design, standards specifications

Originally envisioned to assist startup companies, SAGE-IP's focus has broadened in response to client demand to include large organizations seeking to augment their in-house capabilities to achieve greater agility and cost-effectiveness. We've also worked with the Dept. of Defense to rapidly design and deliver software solutions for performance critical applications. Bringing multi-industry experience and a fresh perspective to the table, we consistently outperform established, tradition-bound vendors and big consulting firms.

We have significant experience identifying the growth-limiting shortcomings of current generation products, and enhancing product architecture and software engineering to meet reliability, performance and extensibility demands into the future. We can do even more to ensure success when we have the opportunity to apply this architectural vision at an earlier stage to facilitate efficient implementation, predictable delivery dates, and fielding of follow-on versions without excessive rework and delay.

We work with companies and teams committed to delivering on the promise of their ideas with well-engineered products. Quality, reliability and a customer experience that reinforce the value of your product build your company reputation and brand image. Too often we observe time-to-market equated with cobbling something together and pushing it out the door. Optimal speed is achieved through foresight and vision guiding rapid, precise, and carefully managed development.

Many people have the demonstrated ability to build mediocre software. We encourage you to engage SAGE-IP if you see building genuinely great software products as a fundamental element of your business success.